Monday, January 31, 2011

Jan. 29-31 -  Been out of commission due to flu since the 28th. Now to summarize the past weekend.

Jan 29 - low of 26F and a high of 66F today at NMSU

Jan 30 - low of 26F and a high of 65F this afternoon

Jan 31 - High wind PM in the afternoon. The Sunland Park City Yard station peaked around 3 pm today with a with a PM10 concentration of around 2000 µg/m3. PM was high at Chaparral with peal PM10 over 600 µg/m3. We had a low of 27F this morning at the NMSU station. Big story is the approaching winter storm system complete with precipitation, winds, and very cold temperatures. The QPF for tonight through Tuesday night shows likely precipitation in Northern Dona Ana, Sierra Counties. Most of the storm's impact looks to be in the eastern plains of NM but the chances are that we'll get some precipitation either rain or snow in the next couple of days.

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