Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jan. 8 - Breezy day with storm passing over us. Winds picked-up midmorning and into the afternoon today. Here is the MODIS aqua true color image from about 1:20 pm today showing clear skies.
However not much going on in terms of dust. I did notice a brief one hour peak in PM10 at Sunland Park City Yard.
In Deming PM10 was low despite peak hourly winds in the 8 m/s range and wind gusts over 14 m/s.
I pulled together an animation of the 20-km RUC2 winds for the day and you can see the effects of the upper level trough. Each frame is one hour and it starts at 12 UTC (5 am MST) and ends at 00 UTC (5 pm).

The AQI forecast for tomorrow is for good (green) air quality.

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