Monday, January 3, 2011

Jan. 2 - Low wind event along border. Not a severe one but still an event at the Sunland Park City Yard station. Peak PM10 at the station was 137 µg/m3 with PM2.5 at 73 µg/m3. I am more impressed with the PM2.5 than anything. PM10 mass was over half in the PM2.5 mass fraction during the peak. There might be more wood burning than usual since it's a cold night and going to get a lot more colder before morning.
A similar pattern at the NMED Anthony station.
I smell wood burning my neighborhood. Low at Las Cruces airport this morning was 16F and 10F in Deming. It might dip down again for the start of the new week. Other than afternoon high clouds it was sunny the whole day.

The current AQI shows the Paso del Norte with moderate air quality as of 11 pm MST.
With a the AQI forecast calling for moderate conditions to continue.

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