Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jan. 1 - A cold start to the new year. Las Cruces airport started with a low of 14F, NMSU campus with an 18, Deming with a low of 10, and Silver City at 0F.

You can easily see the remains of the last snowfall based on this afternoon's MODIS image.

Air quality was off to a good start in the good range today. Sunland Park City Yard PM10 were low in the early part of the day but stayed under 100 µg/m3. The evening hours were dominated by the PM2.5 mass fraction with PM2.5/PM10 ratios more than 0.64 after 8 pm.
Particulates at the NMED Anthony station show a similar increase in the evening hours except that PM10 is mainly in the coarse size fraction and PM2.5 mass accounting for a third of the PM10 total.
The AQI forecast for Sunday shows a pocket of moderate air quality in the Paso del Norte.
The weather forecast for Sunday morning is showing another cold one. 

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