Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29

We saw high winds, windblown dust, and smoke plumes across the region today. Below was the RUC modeled southwesterly winds at 6 pm.
Southern New Mexico was covered with both dust and smoke plumes. At the end of the day the smoke plumes from the Horseshoe 2 Fire and fires in Chihuahua were blowing across the region.
Looking from space there was a lot of action today. First smoke plumes from the wildfires. Then there was the dust from the high winds. On top of that there was the smoke plume that was transported from Mexico into far southeast NM. Below the GOES visible image from NCAR from 7:15 pm shows all of those in one.
Based on a quick look at GOES animation the dust sources included a few hot spots in Chihuahua and White Sands. Other active dust sources included a few locations in the northeastern Arizona and northwestern NM. The NOAA GASP AOD product again proved to capture both dust and smoke plumes this afternoon.

Particulate concentrations were high due to the high winds at all sites in the study network. The Deming station hourly PM10 peaked at 377 µg/m3 at 2 pm. Hourly PM10 at the Sunland Park City Yard peaked at 1026 µg/m3 at 4pm.

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