Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17 -
 Today's transport forecast shows light westerly winds in our region.

Winds were not high at the Sunland Park City Yard but we saw wind gusts and PM10 spikes correlating in the late morning.

I drove down from Albuquerque this afternoon after attending the NSF day workshop and it was windy around Socorro till TorC based on the winds I felt. They also felt like southerly winds. I can verify this based on fast my gas gauge went down. Lots of dust in the fields north of Socorro around 6 pm.

The AQI forecast for Friday shows an area of moderate over southern Dona Ana and El Paso Counties.
I'm still looking closely at the global aerosol model output from the NAAPS product. At noon today the dusty airmass was covering part of the west coast with some surface concentrations starting to show up.
I looked at the forecast for the next 7 days and the NWS is showing high winds on Monday. Winds in Las Cruces could be in the 26 to 29 mph range with gusts to 46 mph. At this point we are on alert for another dust event on Monday.
Looking further down the lone we might see a possible repeat on Thursday.

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