Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feb. 26 - High wind and dust alert for tomorrow. Today was cloudy but overall a mild day reaching 66F at the Las Cruces Airport and and 70F in Deming. The morning low at NMSU was 30F today. We were in a very dry airmass with dew points dipping down to -25F early in the afternoon.

Today's AQI forecast showed an area of moderate air quality in West Texas and near Sunland Park.
I saw nothing unusual at the Sunland Park City Yard today
and we see a similar pattern at the nearby Desert View station. Early in the day from midnight to 2 am PM10 concentrations at the City Yard site were about 3 times higher than at this site.

The forecast for tomorrow is showing both high winds and 20 to 30 percent chance of some precipitation. The 12 UTC GFS run showed most of southern NM with west to southwest winds at or greater than 25 mph. Below is the forecast for Sunday at 11 am.
 The 00Z RUC run also showed these high winds. Below is the forecast for Sunday at 11 am.

To compare with the morning forecast, here is the 00Z GFS run for surface winds on 11 am on Sunday. 
Looking at a few locations winds appear to be similar.

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