Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dec. 15 - High Wind Event in La Cruces today.
At 8 am. Wind forecast toned down a little from yesterday but it could gust up to 33 mph today with sustained winds 16 to 24 mph. So we're not going to see much dust today. Here is the peak wind gusts for today from the NWS NDFD product at 2 pm MST.

At the end of the day: We had a brief high wind dust event in the Las Cruces area. The NMED west mesa station started seeing wind blown dust at 11 am and continued till 2 pm with hourly averaged winds of 13 m/s. Wind gusts peaked at 22 m/s at 1 pm.
The project core site at NMSU also saw this event although concentrations were much higher here.
The web cam looking out at the core site toward the west also verified this event at 1:19 pm.You can see the haze in the lower part of the image.

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