Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13

Today's low at NMSU was 42F which is close to the long term average low for this day at 43F. It was 35 in Antelope Wells this morning. The mean low temperature for this day there is 39F based on data from 1990 to the present.

I expect another breezy afternoon but winds look to lower along the I-10 and I-25 corridors in our region. Below is the RUC afternoon wind forecast at 6 pm. Highest winds are in the Bootheel and extreme NW Chihuahua and over in SE Sierra County.

I expect the smoke from the Texas fires to be transported east away from us. I ran Hysplit this morning from the 12Z NAM windfields and the trajectories all show the smoke blowing toward the east.

Our AQI forecast shows all green or good air quality in the NM.
I was in Columbus in the afternoon and there was starting to get enough winds for windblown dust after 3 pm. There were many dust devils like this one.

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