Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dec. 28 -

Below are this morning's observations at a few Cooperative weather stations.
                 Yesterday           Today
Station       High(F)  Normal     Low(F)  Normal  Record Low
NMSU            53        55        24      27      5 (1987)
Antelope Wells  60        57        25      25      7 (1997)
Glenwood        58        55        24      25      8 (1987)

Forecasted high temperatures in the region range in the upper 50s in the lower elevations to the lower 50s in the foothills. The AQI forecast shows an area of moderate air quality in the Paso del Norte today due to PM2.5.
I'm still looking at more favorable conditions for the the low wind high PM events in Sunland Park. Looking at the GFS model this morning and pulling out temperatures, surface winds, and 500mb heights, I see a couple of periods that could be good sampling days. Although these variables are not perfect predictors of the low wind events, they are useful. I am omitting the evenings of January 1-2 to possibilities of too much wind for this type of event.
The OMI NO2 product shows localized patches of tropospheric NO2 indicating little wind movement and pollutant build-up around the urban areas.
The NMED SPCY station data wasn't updating tonight so I'm not sure if there was a low wind event but the Anthony station indicating an evening peak.

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