Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dec. 8 -

Yesterday's high temperature was 39 degrees F which was 21 degrees below the average. It wasn't  a record as the coldest high was observed in 1992 with a 36F.  Another cool start to the day with the low at NMSU of 16F, which tied the record set in 2005. The low at the Las Cruces airport looks to be 18F at 7 am. Deming cooled to 17F this morning.

I see a thin haze layer looking west from Las Cruces this morning. Web cams aren't picking them up but still noticeable. An area of moderated air quality shows up in the Airnow AQI forecast for today for PM2.5.
This is pecan harvesting season but the snow has slowed it down over the past few days while the soil dries out. Soil moisture is high and you'll get muddy feet taking measurements at our Coop station on campus. A few high clouds covered our skies today and it was warm compared to the past few days.
I loaded the ceilometer up for its trip to Reno. It's going to be used in a PM2.5 study to help understand high concentration days during the winter. Apparently they had 4 exceedances of the PM2.5 standard last year after snow days.

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