Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov. 16 - Breezy today but not as active as yesterday. Overall a nice day as seen in this afternoon MODIS image.

Winds were more westerly today. It will be warming up over the next few days as we transition out of the trof to an upper level ridge. We'll probably see more calm conditions till Friday when another system comes through.

In terms of air quality this morning was calm with light winds and I saw some indication of a fair temperature inversion in the Mesilla valley. This morning's sounding at Santa Teresa showed this shallow inversion clearly with a very dry atmosphere above 700 mb.

The MODIS aerosol optical thickness was very low today across the region with the levels in the 0.1 range.

Smoke can be seen from a prescribed fire in the Gila today. The Mill/Scott RX was projected to burn up to 450 acres. Northwest flow transported some of the smoke towards the southeast.

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