Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feb. 23 -

The big story are the warm winds that are forecasted for today. For Las Cruces the NWS is predicting west winds between 26 and 29 mph, with gusts as high as 38 mph.The wind forecasted from the RUC model show these winds across all of Luna, southern Grant, parts of Hidalgo, and most of Dona Ana counties. Winds in the plot are in miles per hour.
The AQI shows much of Dona Ana county under moderate air quality today but not for dust but for ozone.
Winds are continuing to increase over the course of the afternoon. At 2:15 the Las Cruces airport measured west winds of 33 mph gusting to 44 mph.  Looking at the NMDOT cameras along I-10 there is not that much wind blown dust west of Deming. The NMED Air Quality Bureau PM10 concentrations are steadily increasing past 100 µg/m3 across the region.

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