Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jan. 4 -

Warm, clear skies, and breezy today. Below are this morning's observations at a couple NWS Cooperative weather stations.
                 Yesterday           Today
Station       High(F)  Normal     Low(F)  Normal  Record Low
NMSU            60        54        26      27     16 (1976)
Jornada         59        53        25      18      5 (1919)

Under a high pressure system we are seeing those higher than average temperatures as forecasted.  We've been seeing breezy conditions today but the forecast is for calm wind tonight. Winds have been low in the morning at the SPCY study station but have been increasing this afternoon to around 3 to 4 m/s with gusts to 8 m/s. Winds are out of the east southeast this afternoon so I don't expect to see a low wind high PM event tonight. The AQI forecast is showing good air quality in our region today.
Winds didn't decrease overnight and tended to increase at the SPCY station so no low wind event today.

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