Friday, November 11, 2011

Nov. 11 - Happy elevens day.

We're seeing a lot of high clouds over us today along the border. Below is a view out my window cam just after noon.
 We dipped below freezing at the Las Cruces airport this morning to 30 degrees. Deming bottomed out at 32. I measured 34 at my house on the east side of town.

The AQI forecast for today again shows an area of moderate air quality in Dona Ana county similar to yesterday. The Airnow website says that it is caused by ozone.
The outlook for the next couple of days is going to be controlled by an upper level low moving toward us. Currently it is off the Northern California coast but it will make its way to us by early Sunday. The forecasters are predicting some precipitation out of this system. At this point the far southwestern corner of NM will see most of the precipitation. The Sierra Madres in Mexico look to get a good amount. Again the rain will probably miss the hardest hit drought areas of southeastern NM. Below is the 5-day precipitation amounts starting from 12UTC this morning.

Max Bleiweiss and I have asked the USGS to start collecting night time Landsat 7 scenes over part of the study region to include all of Dona Ana county. Currently they are only saving daytime scenes and there are not many night scenes in their archive. Collecting night scenes will help us look at the urban heat island effects on night and morning low temperatures and wind patterns across the region. With Max's help I've just started learning ENVI so now I can view these images for myself.

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