Friday, February 25, 2011

Feb. 25 - Looks like another mild day with some breezes. Today's high was 68F at NMSU with a low of right at freezing.

Today's particulates at Sunland Park City Yard were low all day except for a the typical evening low wind peak around 9 pm.
The particulates in at the Anthony Elementary station were similar showing morning and evening peaks.

Looking ahead I'm seeing possibly Saturday and more likely Sunday as dust events. The AQI forecast for Saturday looks to include an area of moderate air quality in the Paso del Norte.

The NAM model shows peak winds of 13.4 m/s (30 mph) by 21 UTC (2 pm) on Sunday for the Paso del Norte. The time trace below shows wind speed from 12 UTC today to Monday morning from the 12-km NAM run from 12 UTC. The marker indicates 21 UTC Sunday at the peak wind speed.
In context with the region here is the map for Sunday at 2 pm.
As a comparison the 80-km 12Z GFS run for 18 UTC shows a similar pattern of high winds across southern NM on Sunday.
From their website the National Weather Service is calling for gusts in the 65 mph range in Las Cruces and 60 mph in Sunland Park on Sunday.

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