Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feb. 3 - New record lows for our area. The NMSU Coop station bottomed out at -5F this morning. That's the 4th coldest in the record since 1892. Here are the coldest 5 days since 1892 showing the daily low temperatures in degree Fahrenheit.
 Low   date
 -10  1/11/1962
 -8   1/8/1913
 -6   1/29/1948
 -5   2/3/2011 (TODAY)
 -4   11/29/1976

The record for today February 3 is 9F (set in 1956 and 1939) so we've set the record low for this day.The Las Cruces Airport only managed a zero that showed we had a cold pool of air in the Mesilla Valley this morning. A view of the Organ Mountains this afternoon showed some but not a whole lot of snow on the peaks.

No story in air quality today as all stations showed low concentrations. Particulates in Sunland Park were low during the day in the 10-20 µg/m3 range.

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