Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb. 14 - Low wind high PM event. Today's morning low at NMSU was actually above freezing at 34F. The high was a nice 75F today on campus which is just about 12 degrees above normal. Winds were forecasted to be light and from the south to southwest. Below is the RUC forecast for 21 UTC (2 pm MST).
It was another very dry day with dewpoints well below zero.  In fact the dewpoint dropped to -35F with an air temperature of 73F at 4:11 pm today as recorded at the Las Cruces Airport. That corresponds to a relative humidity of 1 percent.

Peak hourly PM10 was 240 µg/m3 at 7 pm and the peak PM2.5 of 55 µg/m3 occurred at 11 pm.
We saw a low wind event also at the Anthony station tonight.

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