Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan. 10 - The forecast is for a breezy day with a cold front sliding in from the north. This will bring in some cooler temperatures and maybe a some snow in northern NM. At 15 UTC (8 am) the cold front is positioned over central NM.
Winds are forecasted to be less than 20 mph. Below is a plot of surface winds from the RUC model at 21 UTC (2 pm).
The core site PM10 peaked at 11 am with one hour 76 µg/m3 peak. PM2.5 remained low a 3 µg/m3 at that time.
After the afternoon wind we had fairly calm conditions at Sunland Park with winds speeds around 1 m/s. The calm was enough to have PM to build up and peak in the evening hours.

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