Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jan. 9 - Breezy day over the border region. A few brief high wind events caused wind blown dust at some stations. At the Sunland Park City Yard station we saw a winds pick up around 9 am and peak at 11 am. PM10 concentrations increased to 98 µg/m3 at their peak while PM2.5 was around 1 µg/m3.
 Wind gusts peaked at 19 m/s in Chaparral today and PM10 peaked at 332 µg/m3 at 10 am.

We also a peak in PM10 (239 µg/m3) at the Anthony site but winds were not that high at 4 m/s.
Based on the RUC model the highest winds early in the day were mainly to the south of the region. Here is the surface wind field at 18 UTC (11 am MST).
The Deming radar wind profiler shows the northwest flow with near surface winds peaking between 14 and 16 UTC (7 and 9 am MST).
Air quality forecast for tomorrow is calling for good (green) conditions. See the AQI forecast map below.

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