Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jan. 29 -

Low wind, high PM event at the SPCY station tonight. Today's cool temperatures and light southerly winds in the 1 m/s range provided the recipe for this event. The plot below shows the PM2.5 trace as of 7 pm this evening at the SPCY from the NMED website.
Below is this morning's observations at the NMSU NWS Cooperative weather station.

                 Yesterday            Today
Station       High(F) Normal    Low(F)  Normal  Record Low Precip
NMSU            56      61       31      29       16 (1966) 0.00"

The AQI forecast for today showed an area of moderate air quality extending over all Dona Ana and El Paso counties. The moderate areas are apparently tagged for different pollutants the Airnow website. The El Paso moderate is from PM2.5 while the area in Dona Ana is due to ozone. I'll go more with the PM2.5 due to the low winds. We still have pecan harvesting going on based on my view of isolated dust plumes in the Mesilla Valley over the weekend.
I'm very happy with our temperatures here along the border compared to the cold snap going on in Alaska. They are still breaking records this morning with the Bettles, AK station reaching a low of -60F. Their previous record low was -58F set in 1989.  The low at the Jim River DOT station (JMTA2) today was warmer than yesterday but still very low at -54F.

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