Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jan. 3 -

Below are this morning's observations at a couple NWS Cooperative weather stations.

                 Yesterday           Today
Station       High(F)  Normal     Low(F)  Normal  Record Low
NMSU            58        57        26      29      5 (1911)
Antelope Wells  57        59        25      29     12 (2011)
Glenwood        64        54        24      23      3 (1970)

Winds have been low < 2 m/s all day at the SPCY study site with PM2.5 fairly low as well with hourly concentrations no more than 13 µg/m3 during this morning's commute time. As I was driving back from the station the haze was increasing over areas that have unpaved roads.  Winds were variable and from the north and east while I was there.

The Airnow AQI forecast shows good or green levels in our region today.
Evening particulates at the SPCY station were typical tonight and it peaked at the same time as usual but the magnitudes were not that impressive. Winds were low in the range we usually see the low wind events.

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