Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8 - Breezy day, Dust alert for Saturday

The wind forecast for today looks to be highest in the Bootheel and in Sierra County. The map below is from the RUC at 00 UTC (6 pm).

Today's AQI forecast shows an area of moderate air quality in the Paso del Norte, extreme west Texas, and SW Otero county. I expect that is is due to ozone.

Tomorrow still looks to be a dust producer. Below is how the 12Z run of the GFS shows the peak winds at 00 UTC (6 pm) on Saturday.
I extracted the surface winds at a point in Cd. Juarez from the above model run and this event pops out as the event of the week.
The NWS El Paso Forecast Office posted this graphic on their website today.

Very hazy in Las Cruces in the evening. It started around 5:30pm. Winds not high here so it's transported from somewhere. Have to check the longwave temperature difference maps to see if it shows up. I took this at around 7:30pm looking east to show the haze.
The AQI forecast for Saturday includes the anticipated windblown dust.

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