Thursday, April 7, 2011

April 7 - Windy day, some dust from erodible surfaces expected. Saturday favorable for dust

Well another one went by with no measurable precipitation. I felt a few drops on an off from 6 to 7 pm but that's it. Lots of virga. The AHPS product showed some areas to our west that might have received some precipitation but probably less than 0.01 inch. Deming received a trace amount. Most of the rain fell to our north. Fortunately the Ruidoso area received about 0.10 inch. Below is the AHPS product showing precipitation from yesterday.

Winds from aloft are expected mix down to the surface from this deepening upper low that affected us yesterday. The map below shows today's strong southwest winds around the peak at 00 UTC (6 pm MDT).
As far as the next major dust event, I'm eyeing Saturday as a possibility. The NAAPS model is showing dust at the surface on Satuday afternoon
Below are ceilometer backscatter plots starting from midnight to 3 am

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