Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 16

Warm April day with a high of 87F in Columbus and Hachita and 88 in Animas. At least for Columbus the high was 8 degrees above the long term normal but not close to the record of 94 that occurred back in 1962. We had very low dew point temperatures this afternoon signaling a very dry atmosphere. A Davis VP2 weather station that I'm using for this project in Las Cruces was going wild today reporting a 0% RH and -120F dewpoint. It is reading -2F at 10PM.

Today's AQI showed an extended area of moderate air quality in central and southeast NM.
There were smoke plumes in southern NM from a few wildfires in the Gila Mountains. Below shows the outlines of the smoke plumes from the NOAA HMS product along with surface wind predictions from the RUC model at 6 pm.

 At 10 pm the AQI degraded in extreme southeast NM.
We have a low wind high PM event going on in the evening at the Sunland Park City Yard station.

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