Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3 - Today's minimum temperature at NMSU was 33F (normal 34.9F) with a high of 79F today. A record high of 82F for this day was set in 1999.

On Friday there's a chance that we might get northerly winds in northern Dona Ana County late at night. The map below is a prediction from the 12km-NAM for 11 pm on Friday.

For next week I'm still looking at high winds on Monday and Tuesday. The 12Z GFS run is showing high winds late Monday afternoon and mainly in the Bootheel and in northwest Chihuahua. The map below shows winds at 00 UTC (5 pm) on Monday.
For Tuesday there's another chance for winds but a little earlier in the day. The 12Z GFS run shows us winds to be highest again in Chihuahua and west Texas. The map below shows winds from the GFS at 18 UTC (11 am) on Tuesday.

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