Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16 - More above normal temperatures for today. Today's low at NMSU was 45F. Our normal low for today is 37F, 8 degrees above normal. The high forecasted for Las Cruces is 83F, 81 in Deming, and 85 in El Paso. We'll be under the influence of this upper level ridge for the next few days. This weekend will bring in a trough that we'll have to look at for winds.

The wind forecast for today shows breezes from the west but not enough for dust. Below is the 12Z RUC forecast for 00 UTC (6 pm) today. When I'm looking at this kind of wind forecast plot for dust, I look for areas of reds. Nothing pops out in this map.

The EPA AQI forecast is showing all good air quality for today.
As of 5 pm MDT the EPA ozone model was predicting 1-hour concentrations in the middle 50s to low 60s. NMED ozone monitoring shows hourly ozone in the middle to upper 40s.

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