Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 13 - The day was above average warm. Morning lows were 45F at NMSU, 45 at the Las Cruxes Airport, 43 in Santa Teresa, and 40 in Deming. Highs ranged from 80F in KELP, 77 KLRU, and 78 in Deming.

Mountain Daylight Time starts today. Note that the conversion from UTC to local time (MDT) has changed. So it is local MDT = UTC - 6 hours. For example 18 UTC is 12 pm MDT.

Today's winds were light and during the day were from the northwest. Below is the RUC surface winds at 21 UTC (3 pm MDT).

In looking for the next major dust event,I'm not coming up with any significant weather patterns going through the next week. Next Saturday afternoon we have a system that may loft some dust in the Bootheel and extreme northwestern Chihuahua. Below is the 00Z run of the GFS for a forecast on the afternoon of March 19.

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