Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15 - Warm start to morning today with a 44F at NMSU, and high of 81F. The forecasted high in Las Cruces today is 81F, 80 in Deming, and 82 in El Paso.

Today's wind forecast are not very impressive with most of the winds to our south in Chihuahua. Below is the for 6 pm today based on the RUC model.

The EPA AQI forecast is again showing a moderate level blob in Dona Ana County.

I'm looking at the possible effects of an Asian plume of dust and smoke on the western US over the remainder of this week. Look at the upper left panel of the map below. The green areas show dust streaming in over the Pacific. The lower left panel shows the surface concentration of dust. Click on image below to see animation.

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