Friday, June 3, 2011

June 1 to 3 summary

I have been on travel the past couple of days so here's a listing of some highlights.

June 1

The moist airmass had set in over the region with the potential for scattered thunderstorms. The morning started off with a few high clouds but it eventually clouded up to full cloud cover by late afternoon. By 4 pm rain had started to fall in the Las Cruces area with precipitation recorded at NMSU at around 6:10 pm.

I few over a wildfire in eastern Arizona in the afternoon. The atmosphere was fairly clear in the area near the fire so it was easy to see. Below is a view of the Wallow Fire from my Southwest flight from ELP to LAS at around 36,000 feet (estimated). Time of shot was around 4 pm.
Vegas was cool today, about 10 degrees below normal. By the end of the day NMSU recorded 0.02 inches of precipitation. Here is a webcam view of the day looking west from NMSU showing the brief thundershower at the end of the day.

June 2

On the road driving today from Las Vegas to Las Cruces. In the evening I could see the Horseshoe 2 Fire in the distance from I-10 in Arizona. It was faint but easy to see. According to the NOAA HMS product smoke covered the entire region by the end of the day.

June 3

Today winds will be light except for the areas near the Bootheel where they will see more breezy conditions.
I could smell a faint smoke smell this morning at NMSU. Not sure what the source was. The Wallow Fire looks like it is gaining more activity today based on GOES. The winds aloft are blowing the smoke towards the northeast.
Today's AQI forecast shows good air quality in our region

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