Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 25

High temperatures today ranged from 89 in Animas, 88 in Hachita, 90 in El Paso, and 90 in Deming. It will continue to warm up tomorrow with the expected temperature the highest of the year. Winds were light today compared to the past few days. Below are the 6 pm forecasted winds from the RUC model.
Ozone was high across the region with the some hourly concentrations above at the Hurley station. Below is the AQI map at 12:20 am showing a regional ozone episode including two orange regions over the southwest US.
Today smoke from the two fires in our area could have impacted both ozone and fine particulates on the ground. According to the NOAA HMS product smoke plumes could be seen today across most of our region. The yellow push pins are the existing ozone monitoring stations that I commonly call the "backbone" network. The Hurley station is under the Miller Fire plume. However it's not clear if the plume reached the ground or just aloft.
The NOAA GASP aerosol product shows the Horseshoe 2 Fire plume drifting east in the afternoon.

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