Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23

The forecast is for a windy Monday and Tuesday. The NWS is forecasting westerly winds in the range of 23 to 26 mph with gusts to 37 mph. The RUC is showing peak southwest winds in the late afternoon over the Bootheel, southern Grant, and west Luna counties.
This morning in Las Cruces I saw thin remnants of smoke plumes overhead.  My guess is it's from the Horseshoe 2 Fire in Arizona.

Today's AQI forecast indicated earlier orange (unhealthy for sensitive individuals) in West Texas but now it's showing the same area as moderate due to PM10 levels from wind blown dust.  I added the "wind blown dust" since they do not indicate the cause in the AQI webpage.
No change in precipitation forecast. No rain for the next 5 days. El Paso will exceed the maximum number consecutive days without precipitation but for Las Cruces we still have about 17 more days till we break the record.
By 7 pm smoke plumes can be seen in the distance drifting in from the west.
and from Las Cruces looking west about that same time.

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