Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2

Northeast wind flow pattern today brings in wildfire smoke to populated areas.
Below is the RUC 6 pm winds showing the wind pattern this evening.
The AQI shows good air quality for the whole state.
I can smell smoke this afternoon in Las Cruces and it is becoming more intense as the evening goes on. As the image shows smoke is lingering over Las Cruces. Smoke outlines are from the NOAA HMS smoke product at 01:33 UTC. With this smoke I will expect a sharp rise in fine particle concentrations this evening. Most of these particles are very small, less than 1 micron.
At 11 pm, I still smell smoke but not as strong. Winds are from the east with the forecast calling for southeast winds tomorrow. Another look at the Abrams Fire from the Mesowest website showing the GeoMAC fire perimeter with smoke outline. As the nocturnal mixed layer sets in we'll see lingering smoke trapped in the Mesilla Valley in the morning.
Tomorrow's forecast shows southeast winds to blow the smoke away toward the northwest.

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