Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 18 -

Today is the first day of classes at NMSU and lots of activity on campus. It will now be a chore to find parking close to the building. I figure it's good to get some exercise.

Today's air quality index shows some moderate air quality in the Paso del Norte due to ozone. Elsewhere shows good (green) air quality.

I spent the day documenting two NWS Cooperative network stations for the AASC funded project. I followed Frank Kielnecker from the Santa Teresa NWS office to the Hillsboro station first. He converted out the Fisher&Porter rain gauge to an electronic one while I surveyed the area. I came up with a detailed check list to document items in the immediate area centered around the MMTS temperature sensor. One the way back we stopped by the Caballo Dam Coop station. I found somebody's abandoned 10-meter tower and equipment next to the NWS Coop station. The wind vane had a missing tail and there were no cups on the anemometer. You can tell it's been there a while since the data wires were all cracked. Nobody there knew who owned it. Thinking back on it, the tower is a safety issue with nobody taking care of the tower.

Tomorrow is the first day of my air pollution class. So far only four are officially signed up and others have given me verbal indications of being in the class. It should be a good class and fun to teach. We're primarily using the Jacobson text but I'll be supplementing it heavily from a number of other books and lecture note when I took the class back in UNR with Alan Gertler.

Writing this blog at 9 pm evening, I'm feeling some nice breezes from the various thunderstorm outflows. Most of the rain fall is to my west in western Dona Ana and Luna counties. Lots of lightning but I've no time to take any photos tonight.

Light rain started at my house at 11:45 pm with lots of lightning.

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