Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 14 -

I measured another 0.14 inches at my CoCoRaHS gauge in Las Cruces this afternoon. According to the radar estimates of accumulated precipitation a few areas could have received more than 0.5 inches.

I must make a brief detour to make note of an extraordinary rain event in my old stomping grounds in New Jersey. I've been hearing reports of power outages several times this summer and it was out today in my hometown. I took a look and they've been having an opposite problem than we've been having. According to the NWS local storm report from today at 5 pm EDT, there was an observer who measured 9.64 inches of rain today in Elmer, NJ.  For comparison the normal annual rain amount in Las Cruces is 9.74 inches. The map below is of southwestern New Jersey showing areas with radar based accumulation in the range of 8 or more inches in some isolated locations. In fact the area in the center had declared a state of emergency for flooding.

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