Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1 -

Today I'm working on the July weather summary. As mentioned by many, precipitation was spotty across southern New Mexico. The map below shows the percent of normal precipitation for the month of July based on the AHPS. Any area in the warm color is below average with the reds showing less than 25 percent of normal.

At the NMSU Coop station, July 2011 was the warmest July on record based on average daily temperature. This was due to the average minimum temperatures being the warmest on record. On the 18th the morning low was the highest on record. I'll work on a graphic that shows this.

This morning I was briefed on our Fisher & Porter precipitation gauge upgrade at the NMSU Coop station. We've been collecting 15 minute precipitation on paper rolls for some time. Below shows the upgraded electronic data logger that saves the data to an SD card. Now each month we exchange the SD card with the El Paso NWS office instead of mailing the paper rolls.

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