Friday, December 24, 2010

Dec. 24 - Low wind high PM event - Air quality in the good range this morning. Below is Sunland Park City Yard PM2.5.
PM10 in Deming is also in the good range
The NWS forecast office in Santa Teresa created this graphic for today's forecast.
According the morning MODIS the AOD is low.

Evening update:
A low wind high PM event started around 6 pm this evening and was seen at multiple stations. First here is the view of particulates at the Sunland Park City Yard station.
Next the core site in Las Cruces also shows the 125 µg/m3 spike at 6 pm. Not shown but the Las Cruces Holman Road site also has a similar time series but peaks at 196 µg/m3 at 6 pm.

At Chaparral we can see a spike occurring an hour earlier at 5 pm.
This is the time of year when fireplaces are stoked up and the woodburning impacts are noticeable. I smelled woodburning this evening at home. When there is no wind the air quality tends to get worse then normal especially in the morning hours before the mixing depth starts to increase.

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