Saturday, May 29, 2010

May 29

Nice warm day, clear across the border with some thunderstorms in the east over the Sacramento Mountains. Dewpoints getting lower compared to yesterday. High of 93 F in Las Cruces and Deming. Afternoon MODIS image here proves that.

MODIS AOD shows a little elevated column aerosol in central mid-state in the morning.

In the afternoon AOD looks a little higher even although cloud cover masks most of the eastern part of the state.

According to AirNow the southwest border region area was green today. An area of moderate AQI was seen in the eastern part of the state probably due to ozone. Most of the air quality issues are due to smoke from fires. The Horseshoe fire in southeastern Arizona at 1,100 acres could be blowing smoke into New Mexico overnight and into early morning. The NOAA/EPA predictions show this as shaded areas in the map below.

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