Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 17 and 18

May 17

There was a Sunland Park low wind event on the 17th. See the plot on left.

The Desert View site (right plot) also saw this event as well although not as much as Sunland Park. It was interesting to see the Anthony site seeing this a little bit in the plot below.

I'll need to look at little more into the extent of the low wind events at a later time.
The 17th ended with some haze in the afternoon. Winds were from the south so not sure what the source was. MODIS AOD was higher than usual but only showed up in the center of the state along the Rio Grande Valley.

May 18

Warm day in southern NM, high of 88 today in Las Cruces. High of 86 in Deming. Would have been higher but probably the high cloud cover depressed it a bit. It was windy in the afternoon but didn't notice a lot of dust here in Las Cruces looking out the window. Winds in Las Cruces were out of W to SW in the afternoon. MODIS AOD in the afternoon showed some high numbers.

There was a lot of clouds, so I'm not too confident on those numbers. Satellite based fire detection didn't see any fires in So. NM but might be because of cloud cover. In the evening the dryline is set up in eastern NM, so we might see a migration toward central NM overnight. Not sure. Winds are still from W-WNW at midnight and dewpoint gradient is still way over in eastern side of state so it might not. EPA AQI forecast for the border is green so don't see any major regional problems. Some wind tomorrow but probably not above too problematic. But we'll wait and see.

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