Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 24 -

The moisture plume fueling extends over our area so we should see isolated thunderstorms and hopefully precipitation over the border. I'm seeing precipitation from the El Paso radar already near the Bootheel region. We'll seen another good air quality day along the border with green AQI forecasted over all of NM.
A haboob rolled through the area this afternoon. I measured wind gusts of  32 mph on campus at 6:25 pm as I was leaving work. This was at the Skeen Hall parking lot at 1.5 m using the Kestrel. Blowing dust was seen all over campus as well. Thanks to Liz and Rebecca we're also coordinating a sampling effort this evening in El Paso and in southern Dona Ana County for fungal species. Below is a view from campus looking north this evening.
Below was today's webcam looking out toward the west from the NMSU campus. The haboob began at 5:30 pm

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