Sunday, March 25, 2012

March 25 -

We saw above average temperatures and high clouds today thoughout the border region.  Several high temperature records were broken today.  The high at NMSU was 89F and the record was 87 recorded in 1971. Keep in mind that this will registered on March 26 since we take measurements at 7:30 am and officially the measurement will be taken tomorrow.

Today's AQI forecast was for good (green) air quality. We have been busy preparing for a measurement study in the Columbus/Palomas area to look at fugitive dust around the cattle holding facilities at the border. Below is a Google Earth map of the Palomas study sites. Most of the sites surround the cattle facility with one WSW of the town and two on the US site north of Palomas.
On Monday we will be installing the two E-BAM PM10 monitors and the PQ100 PM10 FRM. On Tuesday we plan on installing the Minivol PM10 samplers on power poles.

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