Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dec. 19 - High wind day

The wind and dust started off early today as a cold front moves its way across the borderlands.  Looking out of my window at 8:43 am I saw thick plume of dust.
The forecast is calling for more high winds and likely dust along the border today. The rains from last week didn't do a lot in the usual dust source areas based on radar. San Augstine pass already had a gust of 70 mph this morning. The NWS is expecting winds to climb as the day progresses. I see the blowing dust symbol is showing up in the El Paso Airport ASOS at 9 am. Below is the Airnow AQI forecast for today.
Here is the Rapid Refresh model run of peak winds at 20 UTC.
I had to change the BAM filter tape on the mobile station this morning and took a short video of the dust blowing at the Fabian Garcia Hort Farm.
The hourly averaged PM10 BAM concentration at the time was 980 micrograms/cubic meter.

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