Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30 -

This is National Air Quality Awareness week. To know more about this NOAA and EPA have more information pages.

The AQI forecast for today shows good air quality over the border region.
I was at WSMR most of today giving two presentations and noticed haze in the Tularosa Basin. It was particularly noticeable as I passed over St. Augustine Pass and had a good view of the valley.   Looking at the Naval Research Laboratory aerosol prediction system, there might be a good amount of smoke flowing in from our neighbors to the south. If you look at the bottom right map in the image below you can see a plume of smoke clipping the eastern side of NM.
NOAA also produces a smoke concentration forecast product that I show below from 10 am this morning. It's possible some of the smoke predicted on the east corner of the state made its way into the Tularosa Basin, causing some haze.

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