Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Feb. 14 -

The focus is on the winds today. A windy day is in store for the border region today. Below is a prediction of winds at 21 UTC (2 pm MST) this afternoon from the 20km-RUC model. Wind speeds are in miles per hour.
The AQI forecast shows yellow and orange over the Paso del Norte, El Paso and southern Otero counties today due to windblown dust.
We have a BSNE sand collector out at the Las Cruces dust control demonstration plot today.
The winds were creating high PM concentrations across the border region based on a quick look at the NMED stations.  As of 4 pm, hourly PM10 at SPCY station were 532 µg/m3 and PM2.5 36 µg/m3 along with wind gusts of 16.5 m/s and hourly averaged winds of 8 m/s.
Hourly PM10 at the Deming station had measured 1300 µg/m3 with wind gusts at 24.8 m/s (55 mph) at 4pm
 The high winds are compounded by gusts from isolated showers this afternoon. The following images were observed around 5 pm today. The photo is looking west from the NMSU campus.

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