Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nov. 22 -
Peak rainfall amounts at southwestern NM locations ranged from 0.25" in Deming, 0.38" in Silver City, and 0.17" southwest of Las Cruces.

A hay fire near Mesquite is producing a lot of smoke this morning and causing hazy conditions mainly south of the fire toward El Paso. Right at the fire at the surface the winds were from the south but from the north aloft. Notice the billows forming in the smoke plume. The pic below was taken at 8:05 am from the frontage road.
Below is an analysis of surface winds at 7 am based on the RTMA. The fire is about half way between Las Cruces and Anthony on the west side of the road line. The color background is the surface air temperatures. Based on this analysis the surface winds were from the south.
The forecasted winds are for continued northerly winds to push the smoke south today. Below are the wind forecast from the RUC model for 18 UTC (11 am) today.
Not much activity going on at the fire site by the afternoon but still smoldering. Below is a pic from around 2:40 pm by R. Armenta.

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